Imagining a work of art (a work), planning it, gathering materials, dreaming around it; putting materials together and listening to their calls, playing, then combining, transforming them and expectantly observing the process for that work to finally acquire an existence is of great satisfaction to me. My ideas come from many places and emotions: The impression that Nature makes when we observe and feel its beauty and balance; the feelings that people plant in our lives as their paths meet, or miss, ours. The joy and suffering of so many people in many parts of the world; the desire to scream when I see the unjust living they endure or the lack of proper governing; the touch that beauty makes when I face it… my life, all that is what triggers my work.

I am mostly self-taught. I started doing art in childhood, learning by reading, watching and listening. I study what I see, allowing my mind to play. Many fantastic creative artists from different media, times, and places, whom I have admired greatly, have given me a great education in art: those crazy (and not so crazy) poets, painters, musicians, sculptors and thinkers have made my artistic career.
I was born in Cali, Colombia, surrounded by trees, mountains, rivers and wonderful animals and people. I now live in the Portland, Oregon area: the Hobbit town of Durham. I am surrounded by trees, rivers, animals and wonderful people again. I am a US citizen, grateful for the home and people it has given me all these years. I am married to the most incredible woman in the planet.

Thank you for visiting my Art Studio. I hope you have fun. Please support art and education around the world. Give children the opportunity of studying and making art.

Edgard F. Abadía


“Works of art are always the product of a dangerous situation,
an experience taken to the limits,
to the point where one can no longer go any further” – Rainier Maria Rilke-
“Nature is not on the surface: it is in the depths. Colors are the expression of the depth.
They grow from the roots of the world. They are its life, the life of ideas”
-Paul Cezanne explaining his artistic response to nature (1839-1906)-


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Durham, Oregon USA

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